• The air is cold and stiff but the smell of traditional caramelized apfelstrudel drifting from cozily crafted exhibitor tents takes my mind somewhere else on this December day. Hundreds of authentic German Christmas Markets open this time of year across the Atlantic – Berlin alone has more than 55 to explore. Continuing decades of tradition […]

  • Cicchetti unveils its fresh, forward thinking small plate concept tonight in Streeterville. Don’t let the restaurants minimalist ambiance sway your first impression; this newbie has something much more in depth to offer. For all of us non-foodies, Cicchetti (also sometimes spelled “cichetti” or “cicheti”) are small side dishes, typically served in traditional “bàcari” (cicchetti bars […]

  • Elevating the way Chicagoans sip and savor their wine and cocktails, Trellis is the new, next evolution neighborhood bar endeavor from leading hospitality group Four Corners Tavern Group, in Lincoln Park. A quaint, boutique bar, Trellis offers pleasure-to-plate bistro fare with an American comfort-food twist, along with an inclusive yet smartly curated craft cocktails, approachable […]

  • The 46th annual Animated Holiday Windows “The Magic of Christmas”returns this year bringing nostalgia to Chicagoans as the history and traditions of the State Street store are unveiled. Emphasizing the iconic Marshall Field’s traditions of the past and Macy’s commitment to continuing those traditions today, the windows have been refreshed with new surprising elements and a […]

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